DETREC – targeted solutions
INTERNAL AND OUTDOOR car parking solution
«Smart parking» — one of the most popular and rapidly growing worldwide solutions of the Smart City
Parking search is the essential problem in the central areas of big cities, shopping malls, airports, stadiums and other public places. Situation is getting worse during rush hour, holidays, sales, etc. Parking problems often lead to traffic jams, and as result waste of time, driver’s elevated stress level.
Detrec Smart Parking – simple and convenient way to find the best parking place, the opportunity to find your car in the largest and most complicated parking. Notification of parking time, payment with a mobile phone, integration with the security system, an adaptive and interactive parking maps on the websites of an airport , shopping mall or business center – these are the advantages that drivers and, undoubtedly, parking lots owners will appreciate.
The interactive map of parking easily can be integrated into any website and allows a driver to conveniently choose the best parking place or quickly find a parked car by the parking ticket number. As a result, drivers save time, fuel and nerves. At the same time, the traffic inside the parking place is decreasing and this enables to reduce gas emission twice.
Decreasing traffic and gas emission
The solution allows to fill parking spaces in a more efficient way, as result to place more cars, without increasing the number of parking places
The system able to recognize different incidents: cars collision, traffic congestion, fights, smoke or fire. And all this with immediate alert of Security Service.

As a result owner can reduce maintenance costs.
Increasing security level
Parking place optimization
Easy access to information on free places enables to place more cars during peak hours and fill them on 100%
Reducing of traffic and harmful emission
Free places interactive map allows to park a car very quickly, even in peak time. This significantly reduces the traffic inside parking place and reduces harmful emission more than twice
Improving security
The system is able to recognize various incidents: collision of vehicles, congestion, fights, smoke or fire, an alarm… and all this with an immediate security alert
Parking interactive map
To use the interactive map, the driver does not need to download an additional mobile application – just open a parking lot website or its application. An adaptive design, intuitive interface, up-to-date information about available places and a parked car search are advantages that drivers will highly appreciate.
Parked car search
Forgot where you parked? Now you can easily find your car, even on the biggest parking lot Detrec Smart Parking will show the map with the exact location of the car on the screen of your smartphone. Search by parking ticket number or car license plate number
Integration with any website
Fast and incredibly easy integration Detrec Smart Parking into any website allows to provide all drivers with easy access to parking service at no additional cost
Simplicity of use
For free parking places determination, one video camera is enough for tracking from 50 to 100 parking places in outdoor parking and from 4 to 10 – inside. The system integrates with existing parking solutions, and it is available to be controlled by external devices
Beneficial price
Detrec Smart Parking – most beneficial solution especially for external parking. There is no need to put sensors to every parking place. It is enough one camera for tracking from 4 to 100 parking places. In the most cases it is enough budget cameras
Unique analytics
In addition to the general statistics of the parking workload system has the ability to provide visitor statistics: not only license plate number, but the class of the car (premium, business, economy), the number of passengers, the time spent in the parking lot, the frequency of visits – will give you unique information to analyze your audience