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Solutions for SHOPPING MALLS
Collect and visualize the data about every customer, make informed decisions, influence key indicators
Attempt to consider a customer flow as a homogeneous structure is doomed to failure. Detrec Smart Mall — a reliable tool for client segmentation in the Malls: · Unique visitors counting; · Visits conversion; · Demographic and behavioral analysis; · Internal traffic monitoring; · Advertising campaign analysis...
DETREC Smart Mall provides landlords and management reliable data for informed decision-making.
Shopping mall accurate traffic data and audience portrait can be used: to study new leasing models, to provide the correct combination of tenants by zones, for retail space optimization.
You can only manage what you can count
DETREC - targeted solutions
Solutions for SHOPS and SERVICE SECTOR
Whatever had earlier been inaccessible offline, now it is possible thanks to recognition technology and computer vision
Retailers are forced to seek and invent new ways to the customers hearts because of the competition on the market. It’s hard to surprise a customer with sales, discount cards or low prices. Today it’s a high time to compete for an individual offer. It is almost impossible to solve this task without a durable and reliable analysis tool of customer typology.
No one is impressed by visits calculations any more. Another question – unique visitors.
· How many unique people visit your shop? · What is the real profile of your audience? · What is the visits frequency, taking into consideration gender and age? · How many new visitors were attracted by advertising campaign and how many regular customers came back?
Answers to these questions will help to obtain reliable information about target audience. Estimating and optimizing promo, advertising and marketing efforts will allow to achieve the best sales.
Know every customer by face
DETREC - targeted solutions
INTERNAL AND OUTDOOR car parking solution
«Smart parking» — one of the most popular and rapidly growing worldwide solutions of the Smart City
Parking search is the essential problem in the central areas of big cities, shopping malls, airports, stadiums and other public places. Situation is getting worse during rush hour, holidays, sales, etc. Parking problems often lead to traffic jams, and as result waste of time, driver’s elevated stress level.
Detrec Smart Parking – simple and convenient way to find the best parking place, the opportunity to find your car in the largest and most complicated parking. Notification of parking time, payment with a mobile phone, integration with the security system, an adaptive and interactive parking maps on the websites of an airport , shopping mall or business center – these are the advantages that drivers and, undoubtedly, parking lots owners will appreciate.
The interactive map of parking easily can be integrated into any website and allows a driver to conveniently choose the best parking place or quickly find a parked car by the parking ticket number. As a result, drivers save time, fuel and nerves. At the same time, the traffic inside the parking place is decreasing and this enables to reduce gas emission twice.
Decreasing traffic and gas emission
DETREC - solutions for professionals

Control the number of in-store visitors
This solution helps to monitor the number of visitors inside your premises
Our new and very easy to launch product related to COVID-19
It allows retailers to control the max number of visitors in a store without involving an expensive human resource, in accordance with requirements of physical distancing limits applied to retail stores
Knowing the number of customers inside your store in any timepoint also helps you with workload and queues management
· In real-time counts the number of visitors entering and exiting the store
· Calculates the number of visitors inside the store at any given time
· Warns staff about exceeding limits
· Displays a warning message on the monitor screen for visitors outside the store
It's simple and it works!
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