DETREC – targeted solutions
Сreate and train NEURAL NETWORKS
Application of artificial intelligence is a global trend moving businesses forward, providing previously unattainable opportunities!
We are 12 specialists who have rallied around a common idea – to make AI more accessible for business We professionally develop and train neural networks of varying complexity Our main specialization is Computer Vision and Machine Learning
Some of our computer vision studies include:
· Detection and recognition of faces in video and photo images
· Quick search and comparison of a large number of anonymized identifiers of faces with each other with high accuracy and without storing photos or other personal data in accordance with the requirements of GDPR
· Determination of gender, age and emotions
· Real-time analysis of video content with the ability to notify staff about people, objects or events of interest
Computer vision is a convenient and reliable tool
Process management
Improving operational efficiency, security and quality control by integrating image processing systems

Quality Control Automation
Improving product quality and reducing the amount of marriage through the introduction of automatic recognition and sorting systems

Intelligent Video Surveillance
Integration of our video processing algorithms into existing video surveillance systems will increase security most quickly and at the best cost

Medicine and computer vision
Early recognition of disease signs using trained neural networks based on various images of CT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound…

Analysis of the condition of plants, timely identification of negative factors and damage to crops, etc. based on intelligent aerial video processing system
AI is embedded to the essence of your business